The Trump Hangover.

Yesterday, we witnessed a huge shift in political dynamics. 

The similarities to a Hangover were endless; ‘Why did I drink so much’ .. ‘Why did 50 million people vote for Trump’

The latter is something we must all focus on. There must be a reason why; there is a reason why. 

Trump was real. His campaign struck a cord with ‘normal’ people. Us, those, who understand the feeling of a 6am Monday morning alarm. He seeked the ‘normal’ people’s vote, and subsequently got it.

His completion, endorsed rich, self-interested celebrities; I dare say she had what it took to become a great president, but her campaign had a fatal flaw.

The ‘normal’ people of this world are the core. Honest, hard working. 

All is not lost; there are millions of people in this world and tomorrow many of them will be kind, happy, funny and honest. To me, that’s fantastic. To me, that’s all that matters.

Smile, you’re fantastic.

Smile, fantastic things will happen. 


Author: anxiety148

I choose to be happy.

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